Many of us may know about the Handsome and Dashing Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. But there are a few who know about the Gorgeous Lady Kolinda Grabar. She is the 4th President of Croatia. She is not only the first but also the youngest Female President of Croatia.

kolinda grabar


Kolinda Grabar was born on 29 April 1968 in Rijeka. It is the third-largest city in Croatia. Her family owned a Butcher Shop. They also owned a ranch in Village of Lopača where she was brought up. She did Graduation in 1992 with a Bachelors of Arts in English and Spanish literature. She obtained a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Zagreb in 2000.

kolinda grabar


Kolinda Grabar started her Career in 1992 as an Adviser to the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology. She became President on 19 February 2015.

From 1992 to 2015, Kolinda Grabar served as:

1992                  Adviser to Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
1993                  Member of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).
1995                  Head of the North American Department of the Foreign Ministry.
1997                  Diplomatic Councilor at the Croatian Embassy in Canada.
2003                  Elected Member of the Croatian Parliament.
2005                  Nominated Minister of Foreign Affairs.
2005                  Head of the State Delegation for Negotiations.
2007                  Foreign Minister.
2008                  Croatian Ambassador to the United States.
2011                  Assistant Secretary General of NATO.
2015                  President of Croatia.

kolinda grabar
kolinda grabar


Kolinda Grabar (Grabar-Kitarović) married to Jakov Kitarović in 1996. They have two Children named Katrina & Luka. She speaks many Languages including Croatian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Kolinda also has basic understanding of German, French, and Italian.


Some Controversial Beach Photographs got Viral stating Kolinda as the Lady in those pictures. Social Media went crazy about the 47-year-old Croatian President. But now it is Confirmed that the Blonde in Viral Pictures was Coco Austin not the Croatian President. There is a Visible Resemblance between Coco & Kolinda. which resulted in Heated Media Discussions for several days.

kolinda grabar
coco austin

Well, Croatian President does have a Huge Following. Her life is full of Achievements. Kolinda Grabar’s personality has inspired a lot of Women, and Obviously her Personality got her Labeled as the ‘Most Beautiful Female President Alive‘.


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