Founded by 2 IT-Guys, Maloomaat is a Wide Scope Website, just like its Name. It deals in Information about every aspect of Life. Its content is inclined towards South Asian Countries. However it does have something for everyone.


it means information !

Our Policy Statement

Having a General Name like “Maloomaat (information)” does give us an opportunity to pull as much information on website, as possible. But we believe in quality, not quantity. So one thing is for sure, our Content will be Unique, Fresh and will add Value to your Knowledge. Maloomaat is entertaining, but we would like to be informative in such a way that it helps people in solving their problems.

  • Blogs & Articles 60% 60%
  • Video Content 15% 15%
  • Reviews 20% 20%
  • Other Categories 5% 5%

Blogs & Articles

We have an amazing collection of Blogs. The special thing about these blogs is that they cover a number of categories like Heath, Politics, Entertainment, Social Life, Professional Life, Personalities, Technology and a Lot More. These categories are Under Expansion !

Informative Videos

Unlike traditional websites, we are trying to Add some Value to our Video Content. Instead of re-posting viral videos, we record/design our Own informative videos which will either teach you something or provide a useful information.

Product Reviews

We believe in helping you out in Selection of any product. Whether it is a Technology Gadget, a Book, a Movie or some Tourism Spot. We gather information about latest trends and write professional reviews. So that you can make a better decision.

Problem Solvers

This is after all, the main Goal. We are inclined towards solving problems. Maloomaat will teach you, guide you, entertain you and help you out. Whether you are confused about your career, or you want to try some new food recipe, we are here to guide.


We have prepared a Short Introductory Video for Our Visitors, in case you want a Quick Over-View about Us. You can play it and get an Idea about what does Maloomaat offer to its visitors.


One thing, which is Common in every individual of Our Team, is Creativity. This is all we Need. Maloomaat has a team of Experts in Several Relevant Fields. Team-Maloomaat has many strengths like Web-Designing, Graphic Designing, SEO Analysis, Blog Writing, Social Media Management and this Team is expanding its resources with Latest Skills.


Creativity makes everything Special. That’s what we do with everything offered by us. Team-Maloomaat design all Graphics and Web-Layouts for a Nice-Looking experience of Visitors. Presentation makes everything interesting as well as easily understandable.


As Maloomaat’s backbone is the Blog Content. Team-Maloomaat makes sure that every content we post, has a standard. All Our Topics, Articles, Images and Information go through a process, which ensure its uniqueness and quality. We keep adding new categories for Visitor’s interest.


We gather as much Information as we could, about anything we write Review about. It may involve direct experience or indirect point of views of general public. The purpose is to make this easier for people to make decisions about any product. So that they know is it what they need ?


Without any Doubt, we will keep taking care of your interests as well. Selection of topics goes through our Social Media Filter, to let us know which topic has both sides in it. The entertainment side, as well as Information. So we will keep entertaining you in your Free-Time.


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