Effects of Different Colors on Personality

Research has proved that Colors and Hues have a Dramatic effect on Human Personality. It is the first thing we sense and feel. Colors of Everything around us has its effect on us. Our Moods and Behaviors are strongly influenced by changes in Colors. We all know that How the Same Dress in Different Colors gives us Different Feelings about it. A Room with white Paint feels Big & Wide. However if we will paint the same Room with some Dark Brown Color, we will feel as if its Small & Congested. So Lets try to Understand the Effects of Different Colors on Personality.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


How do we Identify Colors ? How do we Respond to them ? Technical Details are obviously Complex but lets Summarize it. When we see a Colored Object, Light is reflected from the Object and it strikes our Eye Retina. The Wavelength of Light is converted into Electrical Impulses. These Impulses then travel to the areas of Brain that control Hormones and Endocrine system through which our Moods are regulated. Then our Bodies respond to such Stimuli by influencing our Perceptions. This is How we Receive and Feel Colors.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Each Color has its own Effects but there is a Universal Perception about some Major Colors. In the Color Spectrum, the Red area represents Warm Colors that are Red, Orange and Yellow. They stimulate the feelings of Emotions and Anger. While colors on the Blue side are Cool Colors and they are Blue, Green and Purple. They develop the feelings of Calmness and Gloom.


Lets have an Overview of Effects of Different Colors on Personality. We have selected some Most Commonly Known Colors for this Purpose.


Red represents Strength, Valor and Excitement. Pure Red is so powerful that it can even increase your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. It also stimulates the appetite and emotions. The frequent use of Red can give rise to Rage and Aggression as well.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Blue represents the Intelligence and Professionalism. It improves Mental Focus and Productivity so it can be very beneficial for studies & office work. Shades of Blue impart a feeling of Calmness and Relaxation. Moreover it supresses the appetite. It also represents feelings of Cold behavior and Lack of Emotions.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Green is situated in the center of Color Spectrum. It is a Healing Color that impart the feeling of Balance and Peace. Green is Color of Nature. Green relaxes and soothes the mind. But on the other side it can impart boredom and feeling of inactivity as well.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Yellow is an Emotional Color. It represents great Emotional Strength, Positive attitude, Friendliness and Creativity. Its frequent interaction makes us Happy and Energetic. Wrong shade of Yellow can impart Fear and Anxiety. It can induce irrational behavior and Depression. Very Bright Yellow could also be Irritating to Eyes.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Pink is used to Reduce Anger and Relax the Mind. Pink is used in Prisons. It can impart childlike state of Joy and Excitement. But it also represents Physical Weakness and Lack of Motivation.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Brighter and Funky shades of Orange can stimulate the feelings of Cheerfulness and Fun. Orange stimulates the Appetite and represents a Cozy atmosphere. Orange is a Warm and Passionate Color. Orange can also stimulate the feelings of frustration and deprivation mostly when it is used with Black.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


White is ideal for Small Places as it widens our Perception. White represents Purity and Cleanliness. Other traits are sophistication and nobility. It can also induce Coldness and unfriendly behavior.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


Black is a symbol of Elegance and Class. It is a color of safety and it absorbs all the other colors. It represents Glamour, Emotional safety and Excellence. Black makes places look Smaller. It can also induce Seriousness and Oppression.

Effects of Different Colors on Personality


The fact that Color can influence our behavior more then we think , is used in many ways.

  • The Color effect is used in Placebos Medicine. The warm color pills are expected to work as Stimulants and the cool colored pills as Depressants.
  • In 2000, Blue Street Lights were installed as an experiment in Glasgow that resulted in Reduced Crime Scenes.
  • Influence of Colors is widely used in the field of Marketing. The companies design their Logos and Products in such a way as to attract a lot of Customers.
  • Purchase Companies attract customers through their Lustful Colors. A normal person decides within first 90 seconds of sight of a product that he wants to buy it or not.
  • Colors can influence our mood Strongly by making it Happy or Gloomy.
  • Different Diseases are now treated with the help of Color therapy like Blood Pressure.
Effects of Different Colors on Personality

So it is clear that Colors are not mere hues instead they are far more Powerful than we think. We must keep their effect in mind while decorating homes, offices etc or even in our Dress Selection. In this way we could use their influence in a Positive Way.


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