Few Years ago, no one expected that All the Companies in all the Countries will start mentioning their Facebook page on their Business Card. No one expected that companies will talk about a term “Online Advertisement” in their Marketing Plan. Now there are discussions about a New Web-Browser which could be a Turning Point and may change the whole trend of Online Advertisement. We are going to talk about the BRAVE BROWSER.

brave browser

BRAVE BROWSER – What’s Special ?

Brendan Eich, the Co-Founder & Former CEO of Mozilla Firefox Browser, has Announced a New Web Browser. It is named as “BRAVE”. The important thing about this Browser which differentiates it from others, is that it is specially developed to Deal with the Online Advertisements. Brave Browser is all about giving priority to the users. Brave Browser blocks all Ads on website which slow down the Browsing Experience because of their Background Tracking processes.


We all have this question in our mind, that if all Ads are blocked by Brave Browser, will it not kill the Online Advertisement ? And How is it better than the Ad-Blockers already available ? Well BRAVE has an amazing alternative. BRAVE will replace all Heavy Advertisements on websites, by its own Light Version Ads. Those Ads will not track its users, and will not slow down the Web Browsing.

However the Special Factor here, is that BRAVE BROWSER will split its Ad-Revenue. It will give 15% to the users, and 55% introductory price to the Publishers. So it is a WIN-WIN for everyone. Because if we will promote the usage of Ad-Blockers, it will simply damage the Online Business Trends. So BRAVE BROWSER is an amazing option, which is Good for all parties involved. Moreover BRAVE is 27% faster than Firefox. You can imagine how fast it is.




Brave Browser Blocks all Advertisements which slow downs your Browsing Experience.


It does not Violate the Privacy of Users, as it has no Background Tracking Systems. Unlike Brave, other Web Browsers keep a track of User’s activities, which surely is a Violation of their Privacy.


It replaces the Heavy Advertisements with its own Light Advertisements which does not have any tracking processes.


It gives a Chance to the Users to give credit to their favorite Websites. And it divides the Revenue share among users also.


Brave has integrated HTTPS everywhere, so it redirects all sites to HTTPS, providing safest path.


It puts an End to all Tracking Pixels & Tracking Cookies. Which keep an eye on all your activities and slow you down on Web.



It will be Difficult for Users to understand this New Concept of Handling Online Advertisements. BRAVE will have to educate its users about its usage. Otherwise people will prefer their comfort zone Browsers like Google Chrome & Fire Fox.


BRAVE may disturb the Online Business of many Small Companies. Many companies will have to change their whole process, if BRAVE gets successful.

To conclude, we can hope that BRAVE will be a Turning Point, which will satisfy the priorities of all parties. And will discourage the Privacy Violation of Internet Giants. As Brave Browser says that its your Device and your Time, so Internet should also be yours. No more Slow Advertisements. No more Personal Data tracking. This might be a New Beginning.


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