You only need 40 minutes to make this Delicious Dessert which is perfect to satisfy your sugar cravings. It simply consists of deep fried Apple Slices with sprinkled Sugar. Apple Fritter Rings are best to serve to your guests upon Quick Arrival. Its a pretty famous Home Baked Sweet Dish, however also available in several Food Outlets like Starbucks.

apple fritter rings


01. All Purpose Flour

02. Milk

03. Salt

04. Apples

05. Green / Canola Oil

06. Granulated Sugar

: 4 Cups

: 750 mL

: 1/4 TSP

: 6

: 8 Cups

: (Up to Taste)

apple fritter rings


  • Take a bowl, Add Flour, Milk and Salt of appropriate quantity.
  • Now blend them to make a Smooth Mixture.
  • Take the Apples, peel them and cut into thin slices of Wheel Donuts Shape.
  • Dip these slices into the Mixture already made and then Deep Fry them at the temperature of 375 °F for 2-3 Minutes.
  • Let them Fry until both sides are of Light Brown color.
  • Now take them out and Sprinkle the Granulated Sugar on them while hot.
  • Your Delicious Apple Fritter Rings are Ready to be Served.
apple fritter rings


  • Serve the Dish immediately before it gets Cold.
  • Do not Overcook the Apple Slices.
  • Try to make a Smooth Batter while blending.

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