Who should become a Doctor?

No doubt Medicine is a Sacred Profession with a lot of Regard and Nobility. Being a Doctor is a very Respectful Profession. But the Path to all these Benefits, is very Tough and full of Struggle. Medical Profession must be adopted after considering all Pros and Cons of becoming a Doctor. Although Physicians are the most respected members of Society but it takes almost a decade to complete the Medical Training and become one. So one must think thoroughly before choosing this Profession. Lets discuss Who should become a Doctor

Who should become a Doctor?


Before deciding to become a Physician, you must consider the Drawbacks of this Profession. Think about all the things you will have to give up after entering this Field. At first, you will have to work really hard just to get Admission in a Medical School. Getting Admission seems impossible sometimes because of Tough Competition. Then a Long period of Struggle starts which seems endless. Following are some things you will have to give up, to be a Doctor:


If you have decided to become a Doctor because you want to Earn Money, then trust me its not a Good Idea. You will be able to make money after spending your Entire Young Age with Books. There is no way to earn Quick and Easy Money in Medical Profession. A lot of other fields are present which are more suitable to fulfill your requirement of Wealth.

Who should become a Doctor?


There will be no Free Time in your Life if you have decided to become a Doctor. While your friends of other fields are having fun, you will be busy attending Patients or Studying all Night. Just forget about Free Weekends, Trips and Gatherings. You also may not develop any Hobby and will simply prefer sleeping in your Free Time.

Who should become a Doctor?


According to Doctors, the important thing they have to give up in this field is their Sleep. Both while studying and training, you will be sleep deprived and there is no Solution to this problem. You will be advising your Patients to get 6 to 8 Hours Sleep while you yourself will not be sleeping for that much Hours.

Who should become a Doctor?


If you have any inborn Talent or Art, then bury it completely before becoming a Doctor. Because after choosing Medical Profession, there will be no time or room for your Creativity. All you will remember is just Work and Patients.

Who should become a Doctor?


While trying to make others Healthy, your own health will be greatly Compromised. There will be no time to take care of your diet and Appearance. Also Mental illness is present more in doctors because of increased Workload and Pressure.

Who should become a Doctor?


Following are some Qualities which must be part of your Personality, if you are willing to become a Doctor.

  • Being a Doctor must be your Goal of Life. Along with hard work, dedication must be there to be a Perfect Doctor. In this way you will study to learn not to get marks.
  • You really want status and Respect in Society and it is extreme important for you to earn Nobility.
  • Serving the Humanity is the sole purpose of your Life. You Love to serve & Help others. You are a Good Listener.
  • You have been enjoying studying about Human Body and functions since early classes and it has been your favorite area of Knowledge.
  • You have Sufficient Sources to Survive and Support your family for many years without Getting Paid.
  • You think that you are Mentally Strong to absorb all the pressure and workload. Also You are capable of handling the Emergency Situations and you seldom panic.
  • You have Lust for Knowledge and you can spend a huge share of your Life Indulging in Books.
Who should become a Doctor?

Who should become a Doctor? To conclude, before entering this field just think about it for sometime. Don’t go after temporary things, instead go where you really belong. You should adopt the Profession you Love and then work will be fun. Medicine is very tough to handle so before choosing it, just discuss it with some Doctors you know for getting a better View of Medical Profession.


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