Most Probably, you already have heard about 3D Printers. However this Technology is not very Common yet. To define this Technology in simplest way, we can compare it with Common 2D Printer which we all have in our Offices. A Simple Printer prints out a Straight image of an Object, like a Photograph. However a 3D-Printer prints out a Physical body similar to the Object we want. It may vary in size, material & color. But it keeps the shape same.

3d printer

3D Printing is also called Additive Manufacturing, when referred technically. It is a procedure in which 3D Objects (three dimensional objects) are created using a Digital File. 3D Printer can print out an Entire object by laying down Horizontal layers, one over another. Each such Layer is actually a Horizontal Cross Section of entire Object.

3d printer


At first, we make a Virtual Design of the object we want to Create(Print). It is the same way, like we Draw a Circle in Photoshop and then print it out on a Paper. If we want to create entirely new Object then 3D Modeling Software are used to make a Virtual Body Design. However if we want to create a Copy of an Existing Object (it could even be your Coffee Mug), then 3D Scanners are used for this purpose. These designs are created in a CAD( Computer Aided Design).

Several Technologies are used by 3D Scanners like Volumetric Scanning & Modulated Light Technology etc, but lets not Get too Technical here. In the preparation of a Digital File, the 3D Modeling Software create Hundreds and Thousands of Horizontal slices of the Object to be created. Now when this file is uploaded in the 3D Printer, all these Layers or you can say “2D images” are blenched together in order to develop a 3D Image.

3d printer


There are Several Sort of 3D Printers out there in the Market. 3D Printers use different kind of technologies to make a 3D Image. The main Difference lies in the way Horizontal Layers are Combined together. Most of the people want things to be User-Friendly, however if you are interested in Technical Details, the Process of Additive Manufacturing is usually Classified into 7 Categories:

  • Vat Photo Polymerization
  • Material Jetting
  • Binder Jetting
  • Material Extrusion
  • Powder Bed Fusion
  • Sheet Lamination
  • Directed Energy Deposition
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3D Printers can do Amazing things for you. People are getting familiar with this Technology and its usage is getting wider with each passing Day. there are many Companies which are making Advancements in this Technology and creating 3D Printers for specific purposes. People have even started 3D Printers for baking Cakes, However the most Common usage of this Amazing Printer are as follows :

  • Prototyping
  • Healthcare( 3D Printer’s usage for Prosthetic Tissues)
  • Architectural Scale Models of Cars & Buildings
  • Entertainment (Film Props & 3D Character’s Modeling)
  • Reconstruction of Fossils in Paleontology (Bones of Dinosaurs)
  • Reconstruction of Bones and Body Parts of Injured People
  • Replication of Ancient Artifacts
  • Reconstruction of Heavily Damaged Artifacts in Forensics
3d printer


It is predicted that this technology will soon Rule over the World. Each field will become dependent on it because it is a Revolutionary Creation. It will completely alter the field of Commerce because the users will be able to manufacture their own products rather than wasting their time and energy in trade with other companies to buy stuff.

3d printer

3D Printing will create marvels in Manufacturing World as well as in Waste Reduction, Energy Use, Customization, Medicine, Art, Construction etc. Soon it will be  the Most Used Technology in the world and it will change everything before we knew it.


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