It is a Well Known delicious Thai Coconut Rice Dish with special tint of ginger, red pepper and flakes. It will be the best choice to serve Wide Range of guests. You should try it for a Change of taste. The best thing about Thai Coconut Rice is that you can mix it up with several food items to add flavor.

Thai Coconut Rice


01. Basmati / Jasmine Rice

02. Coconut Milk

03. Water

04. Salt

05. Sugar

06. Red Pepper Flakes

07. Turmeric

08. Fresh Ginger

09. Almonds (Optional)

: 1 Cup

: 1 Can (14 Ounce)

: 1/4 Cup

: 1/2 TSP

: 1/2 TSP

: 1/2 TSP (Crushed)

: 1/8 TSP

: 1 TSP (Finely Chopped)

: Few, Chopped

Thai coconut rice


  • Take a Saucepan and Add all ingredients in it except sliced Almonds and Ginger.
  • Now stir all items Properly.
  • Keep the heat to a Medium Level and cook well until Mixture starts to low Boil.
  • Now reduce the Heat Level immediately.
  • Cover the pan and Cook for another 18 Minutes.
  • Fluff the ingredients with the help of a Fork.
  • Then cover the Dish and wait for another 5 Minutes.
  • Your Delicious Dish is Ready to Serve.
Thai coconut rice


  • Pay special attention to the Heat Level otherwise it can ruin your Rice.
  • The quantity of ingredients must be Accurate.
  • You can present it beautifully with the help of sliced Almonds and crystallized Ginger. It will give the dish a very Elegant Look.

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