We have been told since our childhood that a lot of Money is required to do Business. But it has been proved wrong because now a days you do not need Money. Instead you just need a superb idea and dedication. So just remove this lame idea from your mind and focus on ideas instead of money. Here are top 10 Low Cost Student Business Ideas that you can start with very Little Money :

low cost student business


Blogging is the best way to earn money at home if you are interested in writing. Just join a website or use free version of Blogger and WordPress. Initially you will not be able to place your own adds but this way you will get a strong platform and time to build audience. Once you are established, you can apply to the paid versions of WordPress and Blogger and fully monetize your blog. You can start blogging as a hobby and turn it into business gradually. All you need is simply a computer and energy to write.

low cost student business


In this fast age people do not have time to plan events and waste their energy into planing small details. So for creative people it is a great opportunity to show your skills. Start with your family functions and reunions and then slowly expand it. Now internet is also available all the time so you can easily market your services and attract other customers and again you can do this Low Cost Student Business even if your pockets are empty.

low cost student business


Advice may be free in ancient times but now you can get a lot of money by just advising and counseling . If you are confident and good at speaking then you can start being a coach or counselor and speak about social issues and guide them about their future plans. You can help them about choosing a perfect career path and expand their way of thinking. All you need is the ability to speak confidently and you can earn a lot of money.

low cost student business


Designing and selling clothes is very efficient business to earn money online. Specially for Women. You can start it with little money. Just get some clothes sewed and post their pictures on social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. with full details about the product and way of contact. Do not start with massive investment instead start with little investment and market your product as much as possible. As you continue to advertise your company, you will be able to attract more customers and make more money.

low cost student business


If you can write basic English and have some basic knowledge then you can easily start freelancing. Many companies need creative writers to write about their products in the form of stories or reports. So if you have some interest in writing and know about words then you can easily be hired and start earning a lot of money with just dedication and skill. This is not limited to writing skills, if you have any skill, you can offer your services to people through free-lancing websites like Elance etc.

low cost student business


Today technology has provided many easy options to earn money. You can buy cheap products from local markets , take good photos and post them on famous websites like ebay, Etsy etc and sell them at profit. It is a very efficient method and you can earn money by sitting at home. You can also sell homemade items at profitable prices at these websites which provide a very efficient platform for buyers and sellers. You can also buy famous products from one city and sell them in far cities at high price. You can easily earn a lot of profit this way because its all in the buying.

low cost student business


You can also start posting videos, funny clips etc on YouTube and do its publicity as much as you can. Once you are able to attract enough traffic on your videos by providing entertainment or information, YouTube will put ADS on such videos. So you can earn a lot of cash by just marketing your videos and again this business is free of cost and you will be free of burdens. This is an amazing low cost student business.

low cost student business


Live stocking is also a very efficient business to earn money with just a little start up money. Just buy small goats etc and nourish them for a year or two. Then sell them at high prices on festivals like Eid-ul-Azha. In this way you can easily get huge money with little effort and little investment.

low cost student business


All developed companies require social media experts to manage their marketing on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. So if you are good at using these sites you can easily get hired and earn large amount of money by working at home. You only have to advertise their required product or items etc and get as much money as you want.

low cost student business


If you are good at something and expert of some skill then you should definitely use this to earn money. Just market your services and areas of expertise at social websites and attract as much people as you can. In a few days you will get many students who would be willing to give you good sum of money. All you need is a skill like graphic designing, marketing expert, website making, cooking, teaching etc and the ability to utilize it fully. If you have any skill or knowledge, you can teach it to earn money. In long terms, you can develop your own tuition center or academy for this purpose.

low cost student business

if there is a WILL, there is a WAY

Hence, there are unlimited possibilities for you to start earning money. All you need is to think about what is practical for you. If you will start any one of these businesses as a student, you will end up being your own Boss after student life. It will not only boost your personality but also give you professional experience. So Do think About all above mentioned Low Cost Student Business Options.


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