muniba mazari

Muniba Mazari (منیبہ مزاری) is known as the Iron-Lady and True Face of Pakistan. She is a role model and source of inspiration for all of us . She has taught us that limitations are just an illusion in our minds and nothing in this world can stop you from achieving your goals.

muniba mazari

Early Life

Muniba Mazari was born on 3 March, 1987. She is only 28 years of age . She belongs to Baloch background and her hometown is Rahim Yar Khan. She has done Bachelors in Fine Arts . Muniba has been wheelchair bound since 2007 due to a tragic road traffic accident which has changed her life.

Life Turning Event

In year 2007, Muniba was heading towards her hometown when she met a dreadful accident that made her paraplegic for entire life. Her husband fell asleep while driving the vehicle, which caused the accident. Muniba got seriously injured and was unable to feel her legs. She was carried in a Jeep, as there was no Ambulance available in that part of the City. She had to stay in hospital bed for entire 2 years. Then she got moved to a Wheelchair that was her companion for the rest for her life. Such event can destroy any person both physically and mentally but she hold onto her spirit and became an inspiration for others.

muniba mazari

Story of Muniba Mazari

  • Muniba Mazari’s Life changed in 2007, after a Car Accident which destroyed her body. After 2 painful years in Hospital, she finally decided to rise up. Muniba Mazari’s Husband divorced her because of her disability and she was left alone with her adopted son Neal. Not only her Husband, but her Father also left their family in such pain.
  • She spent 2 years in Hospital bed and those were the most difficult years of her Life. She felt helpless. She used to chop her hair off, in frustration, when they used to get stuck in hair brush. But her bravery started dominating all these painful feelings.
  • She is a divorced girl and abandoned daughter, but instead of moaning she summoned up her courage and nourished her adopted son alone. According to Muniba Mazari, her true strength was always her mother who continuously motivated her and heightened her spirit.
  • Because of encouragement by doctors, she started her old passion, Painting. Her brother Omar supported her a lot during her days in Hospital. She still remembers Salman Taseer (Ex-Governor of Punjab), as He bought all her Paintings to motivate her. She did not blame others for all these events instead became a Source of Positive Energy for others.

Husband of Muniba Mazari

Khurram Shahzad, Ex-Husband of Muniba Mazari, is a Former Fighter Pilot in Pakistan Air Force. Khurram Shahzad filed a Lawsuit against Muniba, and sued her for Rs.10 Million. He approached the Court against Muniba Mazari for blaming, defaming and bashing him for all her afflictions. This case is still under process and decision is yet to be announced.

Controversy of Muniba Mazari

Muniba’s story is among well-known motivational stories of Social Media. However recently a Controversial Video of Muniba Mazari appeared on Social Media. This Video is basically a Short Clip from a Controversial Interview of Muniba Mazari, during her early post-accident days. Interesting part of this video is that Muniba was praising and appreciating her Husband for his support and friendly relation. This contradicts with what she has been telling the World about her husband. Hopefully Court will evaluate the whole thing and we will get to know the truth.


Muniba has proved her worth in countless ways.

  • She is an amazing Painter.
  • She is a Motivational Speaker.
  • She is a Social Activist.
  • She is a Beautiful Model.
  • She is a TV Anchor person.
  • She is an excellent Singer.
    Muniba Mazari is the UN Women Ambassador. She is included in BBC 100 Women List of 2015. Muniba is among the Ponds Miracle Women. She is the Brand Ambassador of Body Shop and Chughtai Lab. She also did modeling for Tony & Guy. Muniba Mazari has established her own brand, known as Muniba’s Canvas. The slogan of her brand is : “Let Your Walls Wear Colors“.

As a Painter

Muniba Mazari is a graduate in Fine Arts and her father was her first teacher in this field. After accident, she started posting her paintings on her blog Muniba’s Canvas. She established her own brand with the slogan Let your walls wear colors. She has a unique style of abstract painting and her medium is oil pastels. Now her paintings are exhibited very often and sold hand to hand.

muniba mazari

As an Anchor & Model

Not only she is an amazing artist but she is also working an an anchor on PTV. She has the honor of being the first anchor who is on wheelchair. She has also left her imprint in the field of modeling as the first wheelchair-bound model of Pakistan. Muniba Mazari has done modeling for famous Tony&Guy. She is also brand ambassador of The Body Shop in Pakistan and a part of Ponds Miracle team. She is also going to start his career as a host as well.

muniba mazari

As a Motivational Speaker

Muniba started motivating people through the platform of TED. Her speeches are very impressive and inspiring because they relate to her real experiences. She believes that although how many restrictions are there, your soul must be free. Freedom of soul helps us to overcome all fears and let the heart shine and dream. She emphasizes that mere breathing and to be alive every morning is a great blessing for which we must be thankful for and make it useful.

muniba mazari

UN Goodwill Ambassador

The United Nations entity for Empowerment of women and the Gender Equality, has named Muniba Mazari as Pakistan’s First female Goodwill ambassador to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. Muniba Mazari would serve as an Advocate for UN Women’s Campaign. Muniba Mazari got featured in BBC 100 Women List for 2015.

As an Activist

Muniba has been an active part of many social campaigns. She has always spread awareness about child violence , gender discrimination etc. She has always worked for children’s rights and education and guided people against child abuse. Muniba Mazari also visited victims of APS disaster in hospitals and encouraged them through her shining heart.

muniba mazari

Muniba Mazari , As a Role Model

In every field, she has been a role model for us. She has taught us that when in spite of being paraplegic and disabled she has done miracles through her spirit then why cant us? So, instead of making lame excuses about society,money or conditions we must follow her courage and bravery. Muniba has taught us that boundaries exist only in minds and if you are truly passionate about something nothing in this world can stop you from achieving that.

Muniba Mazari is no doubt an unbroken lady who was so strong and radiant that even all difficulties fail to dim her spirit. She is so full of positive energy and blessed with a shining heart that her wheelchair become insignificant in front of her mesmerizing soul. She is Iron Lady in true sense and True Face of Pakistan.


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