Self confidence is not a course to learn. In fact it is a part of personality and a state of mind. But the good news is that we can learn it by practice and positive interaction. Confidence is a feeling of self acceptance and a feeling of being happy about your personality and abilities. It is said that nobody can start a new beginning but everyone can make a new ending by changing their present.

lack of confidence


A variety of factors are responsible for creating state of low confidence in mind. These causes can be caused by society and oneself too.

  • Failure in past is huge factor in shattering the confidence.
  • Lack of knowledge also make the person hesitant in communicating freely with others.
  • A fear of unknown dangers in future prevent us from trying new things.
  • Criticism by society also snatch away the confidence and restrict us to our comfort zone.
  • Unsatisfaction about personal appearance and achievements also make us weak in public and of lower confidence.
  • A feeling of being unprepared for any activity despite full effort is also responsible for low confidence.
  • Inability to manage time efficiently.
lack of confidence


If you want to change your same dull fearful life you have to develop confidence in yourself. Just break your own created mental restrictions and be Free. Following are some methods to improve confidence and you can specialize in them by practice :

Positive Thinking

Thinking positively is a very efficient way to boost confidence and your life will become simpler and better. Just replace the negative thoughts with positive ones and miracles will start happening. Be thankful for everything in your life and all of your achievements because in this way you will be able to do more. Optimism wash away all the fears in mind and motivate us to do more.

lack of confidence

Personal Grooming

Physical appearance also matters a lot in the expression of our moods. So we must focus as much as we can in grooming ourselves. Don’t be lazy about it, just get up, dress up and show up. Wear good and clean clothes, make your hair perfectly and feel good about yourself. If you have any flaw in looks then instead of putting yourself in a bad mood and feeling inferior just work on it and find the solution to make it right.

lack of confidence

Be Cheerful

Don’t be a fun killer in your circle. Be happy and joyful and help others in enjoying too. If you will be happy you will see good in everything and in everyone. So be cheerful and enjoy every moment of your life. Smile as much as you can as it is contagious and in this way you can make others smile too. This will make you more confident and contented.

lack of confidence

Escape the Comfort Zone

Comfort zone is our self made wall around ourselves that prevent us from doing something new. We feel protected inside it but it is a fact that by staying in the comfort zone you can never be happy. So just break it off and let yourself free. Try new things and don’t be afraid to fail because it is a way of experiencing more.

lack of confidence

Be Socially Active

Expand your friend circle and be social. Friends help a lot in solving problems and they are a great source of encouragement and support. So make a lot of good friends and hangout more. It will create positive influence on your thoughts and increase confidence.

lack of confidence

Don’t Listen to Criticism

Just keep one thing in mind that people will criticize you any way no matter what so just do what makes you happy. Don’t listen to criticizing comments and don’t let others tell you what you can do and what you cant. Just listen to your own positive thoughts and if it feels right just do it. Also don’t criticize yourself and if negative thoughts came just don’t listen to them.

lack of confidence

Correct Posture

The way we sit, stand, walk etc influence our confidence more than we think. So just straighten up yourself while sitting and walk in a correct manner. In this way others will think of you as a confident person which will create a positive image.

lack of confidence

Exercise & Sound Sleep

No one can deny the importance of exercise as it is good not only for the body but for the mind too. So exercise daily and make it a part of your routine. Mere exercise can influence your confidence in a positive way and you will behave better in activities.

lack of confidence

If you want to be Confident then just practice the above mentioned methods regularly and make them your habit. Make them a part of personality and the more you do it the more you will feel Confident and Happy.

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