How Living Abroad Transforms your Life

Living abroad can be a Beautiful Experience for some people and a Nightmare for others. Leaving your Comfort zone, your Dear ones and your Cozy Home take a lot of Courage and Compromise. You face a number of uncomfortable situations & Tough Times. But at some point, you have to decide how you want to spend your Time. You want to keep feeling awkward in the New Country, or you want to accept it as your New Home. You want to Live in the same manner with a Typical Work Routine or you want to Live your Precious Life to the fullest.

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life

Change always seems difficult at first, but once you Accept it, you become addicted to the thrill in Life. Every person should spend some part of their Life abroad. They will Gain new Experiences each day and will enjoy Life to maximum extent. Living Abroad Transforms your Life in several ways. It really changes you.


Mere the decision of Living Abroad gives you a strong Adrenaline Rush. When you start living out of your country, all of your senses will sharpen up and your life will no longer be normal and dull. You have to be ever ready to face new Challenges, Experience new things and meet new People. So you can no Longer sit and waste your time being normal. You will start feeling very Emotional even Sad at some times. You will feel extra sensitive towards memories of your Family & Country.

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life


Being with family and your Social circle, you Limit yourself unknowingly. You can never be the Real You, because you will always fear people. But if you are Abroad Alone you no longer have to worry about other’s opinion, you will be yourself. You can do all the things you always wanted and can do all the weird and exciting stuff. Everything will be according to your own choices. You may sleep late at night, you may not wash your clothes for a month and you may eat whatever you like. There will be no Formalities.

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life


When you are stuck in the same place for Years, time runs faster and you don’t realize how Days turn into Weeks and Weeks into Years. This is because of same Daily routine. But when Living Alone and differently, you have much Free Time which you can spend in your own way, hence making every moment count. Time seems to slow down and you can clearly feel the difference. However if you develop a Machine Like Routine Life, then Time will again pass Faster.

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life


Every person needs Help and Guidance at different points in their Life but not everyone knows how to ask for it. But when you know that there is no other option, then you will overcome all your Fears and Hesitation. You will simply go for it and develop a great ability to ask for Help and help others in return as well. This is because people who are Living Abroad, have limited Resources over there and know very few people. 

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life


Meeting new people each day teaches you the Right Balance between keeping them or Letting go. You learn to say Good Bye at right time and move on with all the Good Memories. You will realize that some people are just a Chapter in your Life book not the whole story. You also Learn to accept this fact that you cannot control everything going on back in your Country. So you Move on, even knowing that there are so many issues back there. You just accept those issues, because you yourself have more issues of your own.

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life


Living Abroad means being Totally Independent, which involves many problems too. When you are at Home, your family is there to take care of you when you get sick. However when you are Living Abroad, you are supposed to take care of yourself. You cannot be careless about your Health because Getting Sick is a Nightmare for people Living Abroad.

How Living Abroad Transforms your Life


Once you start exploring the Marvels of World, there is no Turning Back. You will never be able to just Quit Discovering new things. So if you are living as a Loner and wandered Abroad, you can’t escape this Lust. It will always be in your mind like an Addiction that gives you Pleasure and Excitement.

No matter how much you try, you can never be the same again even after Returning. Your way of thinking about life will be altered and you can even explain the Difference to anyone. You will never Adjust in the same dull place again because your Heart has Learned to Wander.


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