Ablution is a Process in which a person washes out Body by a Defined Islamic Method. Usually it is done before Prayers. In Islam, Ablution is compulsory before saying Prayers Five Times a Day. Scientific research proves that Ablution removes clusters of Bacteria from Body. It protects our Lymphatic System and maintain Skin Elasticity. No doubt it makes our Body immune to various diseases and is very beneficial to Health.


Medical and Scientific Benefits of Ablution

There are several Medical and Scientific Benefits of Ablution which are also explained in the most sacred book of Muslims, Holy Quran. Some of its benefits are explained below.

Blood Pressure Control

Veins are the crucial part of the Circulatory Framework. They carry the Blood from our heart to the whole body. With the passage of time, Veins start to get stiff and narrow. But if we perform Ablution regularly, water causes veins to have a sort of Exercise by Contraction and Dilation. Thus Ablution controls our Blood Pressure and Maintain our Blood Circulatory System.


Protection Against Skin Diseases

In our Daily Life, we touch a lot of things which carry a lot of Bacteria. These Bacteria and Germs get into our stomach through our Hands. If we perform Ablution and wash our face, hands and feet regularly, we can protect our skin from Bacteria and Several Skin diseases.


Strength of Lymphatic and Immune System

Our Lymphatic Systems comprises of very thin Blood vessels. These vessels which conduct Red blood cells keep every point of body under protection of Immune system. Any microscopic organisms, outsider article or tumor cell, which might have attacked the body is wrecked by the white blood cells in the Lymphatic system. When we take bath or do proper Ablution, our Lymphatic system functions in a more proper way. Region behind nose and tonsils are most important center for stimulating Lymphatic system. When we wash these regions regularly, it influences our Lymphatic system in a Healthy way.


Balance of Static Electricity

There is Static Electricity in all of us, which keeps changing according to our mood and situation. When we get angry these charges build up to four times than normal situation. Scientific research proves that Water molecules drain Excess Charges from our body and keep us Normal.


In addition to all this, when we wash our mouth, nose and teeth, Water removes extra particles and improves our Respiratory and Digestive system. When we put water in ears, it eliminates extra Wax and prevent us from Ear Infection. Ablution is Good for our Health because it keeps the external layer of the skin Clean. This helps cells underneath to Work effectively. So we should try to practice Ablution as a Regular Activity for Health Improvement.


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