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Hassan Nisar is a very famous Pakistani Journalist. He is also a well known News Analyst and Columnist. He was born on 5th July 1951. 64 years old, Hassan Nisar belongs to Faisalabad, Punjab. He gained fame for his talk-show Choraha on Geo News.


He did Masters Journalism from University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Thats how he has gained excellence in this field and has chosen Journalism as his occupation.
Hassan Nisar’s career started in 1970 when he joined Dhanak Magazine as a journalist. After sometime, he was promoted to the rank of editor due to his capabilities. In 1980, he edited a magazine Monthly Zanjeer alongwith composing poetry and movie songs. Hassan Nisar became most popular when he joined Geo News and started his shows Mery Mutabiq and Choraha.
His main focus on media was contemporary Pakistan and political  Islamic history. He left Geo News and Jang group on August 2012 due to some issues with tha management and joined Dunya News. He started his program with a different title Meri Dunya. But 8 months later, his conflicts were resolved and he rejoined Geo News.

hassan nisar


Hassan Nisar is a well known analyst due to his Straight Forward nature. He is a very loyal Pakistani who cannot tolerate injustice and inequality in society. He is very dauntless and criticizes the Government freely. Some people dislike him too due to his harsh and bitter analysis and criticism. In youth, he has become very popular because his articles are not meant for pleasing the higher authorities instead he points out their Corruption. The presentations and commentaries of Hassan Nisar are mostly in Urdu. His main medium is print media and television. His talk shows have earned him fame, both among youth and political people.

hassan nisar


The quality that made him famous all over Pakistan is his capability of Critical Analysis. Articles of Hassan Nisar are considered as best critic now a days. He freely comments on the drawbacks and negligence of Government without any Hesitation and Fear. His articles  are mostly printed on Jang group of news. Recent Famous articles are as follows:

  • Korh per Make Up
  • Aaj ka Column kyun
  • Daish or Wizarate Dakhla
  • Peeli khabren, Kaaly quol
  • Army Chief ka Mashwara
  • Imran Khan ka Asal or Faisla kun Karnama
  • Baat se Baat
hassan nisar


According to Hassan Nisar, politicians have taken control over Pakistan forcefully and by illegal means. They use politics as a Business to earn Black Money. He has stated that political parties have fixed their turns and they are damaging Pakistan one by one. They are all same from within. Hassan Nisar admires Imran Khan very much. He considers him a True Leader and as our only hope who can bring Revolution in Pakistan. He always praises his amazing ideas which depict his leadership. However criticizes any Stupidity of KPK Government. He also thinks that Democracy is being used by the Politicians as a Shield, to protect their Evil Activities.

hassan nisar

The Only Difference between all Political Parties of Pakistan and PTI(Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf), is Imran Khan.

Hassan Nisar


Hassan Nisar has very strong grip over Muslims’ history. His point of view about muslim leadership is not biased like other writers. He strongly condemns the negligence and lack of ambition of Muslim Kings. He advises the Leaders of today to learn a lesson from them. He has wrote many columns about this aspect which must be studied.

hassan nisar


He has very keen interest in Literature. He loves to write Poetry and has very strong command over it. He has also written many poems and naats, the most famous of which is ”Tere hoty Janam Liya hota”.

In short, Hassan Nisar is one of the most truthful and Straight Forward Analysts who freely condemns wrong activities in Society. His bitter criticism has made him famous and that is why his Talk Shows have earned the Most High Ranking among other talk shows. Hassan Nisar has the Most Loyal Viewership in News Talk Shows. Everyone loves to listen to him, and avoids touching TV Remote Control to change the Channel. He is no doubt a Great Asset in the field of Journalism.


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