Suffering from Depression and Stress is a disorder which must be seriously addressed. We must try to avoid medication and treat it in a natural way. As a normal human being, we feel super awesome and energetic on some days but lethargic and depressed on others. So try to fight such low state of mood as hard as you can.

depression and stress

Depression – Signs & Symptoms

  • Feeling Hopeless
  • Lack of interest in Activities
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Sleep Alterations
  • Anger
  • Lethargy
  • Trouble in Focusing
depression and stress


Before using medication, try to practice and adapt some simple methods to fight depression. Make your best effort to come out of the sad phase as soon as possible. Following are some simple methods to eradicate depression :

Develop a Routine

Whenever you are in a depressed phase, get in a routine. Develop a schedule as how you will spend the entire day and stick to it. A healthy routine will help you focus more effectively and keep the mind occupied.

depression and stress

Exercise Regularly

Daily routine of exercise will give you a temporary boost of energy by the release of chemicals called Endorphin. Take 15-30 minutes walk everyday or try jogging. It will keep the mind healthy and positive. It also provides long term treatment for depression in some people.

depression and stress

Sleep Well

Depression can also occur due to sleep deprivation in some people. Try to develop healthy sleep pattern. Fall asleep and arise at fix time and do not take a nap during the day. Avoid all distractions and keep your diet healthy.

depression and stress

Stop Blaming Yourself

This is the simplest way to beat depression. You just have to stop blaming and punishing yourself for your actions or decisions. Just assure yourself that it was the best you could do and be fine with it.You can easily fight depression if you diminish the guilt that is developed by blaming yourself.

depression and stress

Healthy Nutrition

A healthy diet immediately increases the serotonin level in brain and elevates the mood.Research has proved that foods with Omega 3 fatty acids and Folic acid are most effective in eradicating depressive phase.So we must try to adopt healthy and regular diet plan to fight low mood.

depression and stress

Set Your Goals

When you are in depression, you will feel yourself inferior and unable to accomplish anything. Don’t be hopeless and try to run away from such poisonous negative thoughts as early as possible.To do this, get up and set some goals. Start with some easy daily activities and then proceed towards more challenging ones.

depression and stress

Have Fun

When you are depressed, try something new and have fun. Although you will feel low and depressed, but still try to plan some picnic or other enjoyable activities to divert your mind and eradicate depression and stress.

depression and stress

Don’t Be Alone

Avoid being alone when you are depressed instead spend your time with friends and family. Share your problems with them and you will surely feel lighter and relaxed. Go to public places and be around people as much as possible and do not feel alone.

depression and stress


Meditation helps a lot in fighting depression and stress. Just sit and relax with your eyes closed and focus all your thoughts to your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly and by practicing this, you will surely feel yourself relaxed and in happy mood.

depression and stress

Write Your Emotions

Just grab a pen and write down all your feelings of anger, depression and stress in your diary or journal. In this way, all the negative energy and anger will be gone and you will feel relaxed. Do not hold your emotions inside, instead let them go by writing them down.

depression and stress

So if you are suffering from depression and stress, just try the above mentioned methods. They will help you in fighting depression and they will surely elevate your mood.


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